Originating from the Island that is Long in NY, Gina officially moved to Manhattan to pursue her dream at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. After training with incredible teachers and fellow actors at the Atlantic Acting School and Stonestreet Studios, she received her BFA in Acting. She is also a proud founding member of The Joust Theatre Company. She now lives in sunny Los Angeles, where she spends her days on screen battling sharks and stalkers, and off screen surfing and training Capoeira. 

Gina is known for her starring roles in the original SyFy movie, 'Frenzy', and Lifetime's 'The Doctor Will Kill You Now'. She can also be seen co-starring on '9-1-1' on FOX, and 'The Affair' on Showtime. Gina also recently played a Lara Croft knockoff, and a singing mermaid for a live 2000 seat audience in Alaska.

Apart from performing, one of Gina's main life goals is to have consistent access to a bucket of puppies. Match that with a bubbly personality, big smile, and a hint of social awkwardness, and you have her in a nutshell.


Throw in fuzzy socks.

Ok. There you go.