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Drama, Thriller, Action, and Satire - 4 new shorts coming out soon!

Gina leads in the upcoming short films -all of different genres- hitting screens and festivals soon:

'In The Between' (Dir. Mark Koetsier) - Still reeling from the death of his wife, a widower reminisces on his wife’s battle with P.T.S.D., Survivor’s Guilt and Opioid abuse while caring for their 10 month old daughter alone.

'Viewer Discretion' (Dir. J. Pinder) - When a girl discovers she can communicate with a woman in a horror movie, she must help the woman stay a step ahead of a killer whose actions may have real-world consequences.

'Jesse & Jessie' (Dir. Kevin Barry) - A typical meet-cute, boy meets girl moment... until they both reveal themselves to have a dangerous secret.

'Try It Before You Buy It' (Dir. Alex Laflamme) - A comedic satirical parody that shows the difference between certain people and their lifestyles - featuring a trophy mom with sass.


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